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Islam to be source of legislation in post-Qaddafi Libya

** Please remember in many cases its a non-muslim reporting, and un-islamic media. **

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Report from Al Jazeera (English with Translation)


Libya’s interim leader makes landmark Tripoli speech

Libya’s interim government chief, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, made his first speech to a crowd of about 10,000 in the capital Tripoli today — a sign of growing confidence from the new government.

Abdel Jalil arrived in Tripoli on Saturday for the first time since his allies chased Muammar Gaddafi out of the city, a move that political analysts saw as key to his credibility.

The chairman of the ruling National Transitional Council called on the movement’s fighters not to engage in reprisal attacks against remnants of the Gaddafi government.

Repeating a call made before, he also said that Islamic sharia law should be the new Libya’s main source for legislation.

“We need to open the courts to anyone who harmed the Libyan people in any way. The judicial system will decide,” he told the crowd, calling for no attacks on former Gaddafi allies. “We seek a state of law, prosperity and one where sharia is the main source for legislation, and this requires many things and conditions,” he said.

Abdel Jalil had been running the provisional administration from the eastern city of Benghazi, cradle of the revolt that overthrew Gaddafi in late August.

NTC officials  did not advertise the public appearance for fear Gaddafi loyalist elements may attempt to disrupt it.

Some of the hesitation in Abdel Jalil’s arrival in Tripoli after the fall of Gaddafi seemed to stem from long-standing regional rivalries and from a sense that Tripoli — run by revolutionary brigades that swept in from towns and provinces eager for a share of power — may not be a safe place for every official.

The NTC’s timetable, which sets out plans for a new constitution and elections over a 20-month period, should start once the NTC declares Libya’s “liberation”.

It has yet to do so and it is unclear exactly how the disparate groups which have taken over the country will define what constitutes “liberation”.

Several parts of the country’s south and three major towns — Bani Walid, Sirte and Sabha — are still controlled by forces loyal to Gaddafi.

“Bani Walid, Sirte and Sabha are now under siege by Gaddafi forces. We are betting that our brothers in those cities will fulfill their expectations and you will see them do so soon,” Abdel Jalil said.



Islam to be main source of legislation in post-Qaddafi Libya

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Chairman of the Libyan Transitional Council, delivers his speech at the Martyrs' Square, in Tripoli before thousands of Libyans. (Photo by AFP)

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Chairman of the Libyan Transitional Council, delivers his speech at the Martyrs’ Square, in Tripoli before thousands of Libyans. (Photo by AFP)


Islam will be the main source of legislation in post-Muammar Qaddafi Libya, the head of Libya’s transitional leadership said in his first public address in Tripoli on Monday.

National Transitional Council leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil made the remarks before thousands of Libyans gathered on Martyr’s Square two days after his arrival in the capital following the fall of Qaddafi’s regime.

“We will not accept any extremist ideology, on the right or the left. We are a Muslim people, for a moderate Islam, and we will stay on this road,” he said.

This was Abdel Jalil’s first visit to Tripoli since the rebellion against Qaddafi erupted in February. The toppled leader, now on the run, used to make public appearances on the same spot, then known as Green Square, to rally his supporters.

On arrival in Tripoli on Saturday, Abdel Jalil was treated to a red-carpet welcome, mobbed by hundreds of people and protected by a thick human chain.

Strict security measures also applied for Monday’s appearance, with the perimeter of the square closed off to traffic and armed men searching people who entered.

Abdel Jalil described the “liberation of Tripoli, the miracle that occurred with minimum loss” of life, telling the crowd: “You will be with us against any person who will want to steal our revolution.”

A defiant Qaddafi on Monday vowed to fight on until victory as his forces launched surprise fightbacks on three fronts.

Source: [Al Arabiya]



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