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No one asked their names

By Qais Azimy in Asia on Mon, 2012-03-19 14:23. Nine of the 16 victims were children [AFP] In the days following the rogue US soldier’s shooting spree in Kandahar, most of the media, us included, focused on the “backlash” and how it might further strain the relations with the US. Many mainstream media outlets channelled a significant … Continue reading

‘Unspeakable things happened that no human being should ever experience’

Mohammed Busidra meets old ghosts as he revisits the Libyan prison where he spent 21 years   The moment he enters the sprawling, high-walled compound in a rundown Tripoli neighbourhood, Mohammed Busidra starts whispering urgent prayers. This is Abu Salim, Libya’s most notorious prison for suspected political dissidents during Muammar Gadafy’s 42 years in power. … Continue reading

12 Prisoners awaiting death sentence: Pakistan

Do something, make dua at the very least! This isn’t new, but we should remember, and make dua for the brothers, and donate if we can, search and see what we can do. For the sake of Allah.  Sentenced to death. 1. Civilain Mushtaq  2. Chief Tech. Nawazish Ali 3. Chief Tech. Khalid Mehmud  4. … Continue reading

Al Quds: Youths arrested for playing football.

Here shows a shocking recording of children playing football in the streets in Israel and suddenly set upon and taken away by the Army and Police. The location is Al Quds (Jerusalem). The Israeli soldiers and Police storm out of their military jeep and police van and begin beating the Palestinian boys. This is all … Continue reading

Have You Ever Sacrificed For Islam?

    I opened this article with a question, have we ever sacrificed for Islam? Sacrificed to give away what we like. Giving away what we love. Giving away something that we have kept and saved, for the sake of Islam as our religion.   Well, maybe with a simple language. Have we ever spent … Continue reading

Prisoners: Poem Muhammad Al Maqdisi.



Destroying Alcohol In Libya. Alhamdulillah.

Benghazi Flags Flying.

SEE VIDEO HERE: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-695280

Libya: Benghazi Uprising Documentary.

Much of the documentary is accurate except for the time order of the video clips from inside Libya: because there wasn’t any press in Libya, so the outside world relied on peoples own videos from phones etc, which were uploaded to youtube.  There are many videos of the dhulm that took place in Libya. (esp … Continue reading

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